This is a collection on video and audio from past posts, plus a few other interesting items (submit videos to:

Crosby Street, a film by Jody Saslow about Crosby Street in 1975

A video of SoHo streets from 1975 by Jaime Davidovich

Homage a Anonymous Blocks: A Cinematic Ballet in Three Movements, a film by Jim Stratton. Using still photography and video, Stratton creates an homage to the streets of SoHo ca. 1971/2

Ingrid talks about working at FOOD

Video about Robert Moses,
see especially “The Meat Ax” (5:10-7:30),
about his fight with Jane Jacobs over LOMEX

Ingrid talks about living on the Bowery

Ingrid Talks about her memories of old SoHo

Trailer for the upcoming Lower East Side History Project (, The Bowery.

An excerpt from a Japanese television documentary about Ichiro and Fusako

Abstract Pointillist Leonard Goldstein, relives his journey driving across country with Artist John Chamberlain, hanging out at Max’s Kansas City during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and meeting the inner circles of the abstract art world in NYC.

The SoHo Memory Project Kickstarter Video

“Artists in the City,”
a show on WNYC presented each Sunday afternoon at 4:30 PM was “designed to introduce you to some of the professional artists who are doing exciting work in the communities and neighborhoods of New York.” The show was hosted by Doris Freedman and Jenny Dixon.

WNYC Artists in the City

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