This is a collection of photos from past posts, plus a few others submitted by subscribers, that depicts everyday life in pre-1980’s SoHo (submit photos to: Click on images to enlarge or to view slideshow.

11 Responses to “Slideshow”

  1. Heads Up! « The SoHo Memory Project Says:

    […] SLIDESHOW There is now a slideshow of images from past posts and photos that subscribers have submitted. […]

  2. Cindy Lull Says:

    First club I went to when I moved to NYC 1978

  3. Suzanne Kaufman Says:

    I am a photographer who has lived in SOHO since 1971. WOW, do I have photos that you would want.E-mail me to find out how we can connect and you can see my vast collection.

  4. Lucien Harriot Says:

    Thanks Yuki!
    Is it possible to make these images larger or open in a new viewer?

  5. hannahrosenzweig Says:

    LOVE these photos Yukie. I’m going to look through my parents collection this weekend and get you some of our from Crosby Street.

  6. Debra Says:

    My father owned the luncheonette called The Eagle on Broadway and Spring. Does anyone have photos?

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