Ben Schonzeit

Ben Schonzeit in his studio on Mercer Street

Artist Ben Schonzeit in his studio on Mercer Street

I recently had the privilege of visiting the home and studio of Ben Schonzeit. It turns out the we have been neighbors on Mercer Street going on 40 years and we had never met. Ben, a pioneer of the Photorealist movement, is well-known for his gripping, hyper-realistic depictions of subjects in vivid color. He is also a prolific collage artist and I also discovered, to my delight, that he is a fellow mail artist! His talents are many, but the purpose of my visit was to view his photograph collection, specifically his photos of old SoHo. We spent a nice couple of hours looking at his vast collection of images from the 1960’s and 1970’s. The following are a select few of the many fantastic SoHo scenes he captured, now long gone, but never forgotten. All captions by Ben Schonzeit.

For more information about Ben Schonzeit and to view his wonderful paintings click here, and to view more of Ben’s photographs, click here.

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9 Responses to “Ben Schonzeit”

  1. Michael e Says:

    Love seeing all these amazing pictures Ben — thanks for sharing (and making the connection yukie). I’m feelin the love for ye olde soho

  2. Steve Lin' Says:

    Thanks Yuki for the Walk down memory lane. Those were my years in SoHo from 1972 to 1993. Say hi to Ben if you see him again. Steve Linn

  3. Suzanne L. Stratton Says:

    Thanks for the memories. The World Trade Center at the end of West Broadway–and Jake!

  4. Barbara MacCallum Says:

    Great photos Yukie! I remember quite a few. Barbara

    Sent from my iPad


  5. wendy beck Says:

    Thank you for these wonderful memories. A lost world, alas.

  6. Steve Linn Says:

    Hi Yuki Thanks for the walk down memory lane Those were my years in SoHo 1972 to 1993 Say hi to Ben if you see him

  7. Gail Fanelli Says:

    My grandfather Mike Fanelli. What a nice suprise!


    Wonderful photos! Thank you, Yukie and Ben! (Aah…I could go for a Dave’s egg cream right about now!)

  9. Nick c. Says:

    These photos break my heart.

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