The Sunny Side of SoHo

IMG_3632Happy winter everyone.  Going into my third week at home with some awful cold-y flu-y thing that’s been going around.  Been trying to think of something profound or at least marginally interesting to write about but nothing of note is coalescing as I stagger around in my semi-conscious Nyquil stupor.  I’ve thus decided to leave the profundity up to others for today and am bringing you some blasts from the past via other people’s loci of foci.

First up, Sean at The SoHo Alliance recently sent me a link to this oh so groovy video “On the Sunny Side of the Street” by Pizzicato Five, shot almost entirely in SoHo.  Anyone care to guess when it was filmed?  It’s pre-Mercer Hotel, there are shots of the Prince Street Station post office and the flea market on Canal and Greene.  Jerry’s is still there as is the Prince Street Bar.  This video is from an era when I already thought SoHo had become something else, something akin to a shopping mall.  I had already thrown up my arms and said to myself, Oh, well!  At least now I can get dinner someplace other than Fanelli’s.  I thought SoHo had already ARRIVED.  What an innocent time that was!

Next we have a short but sweet video from video artist Jaime Davidovich entitled, “Views of SoHo 1975.”  Desolate streets with lots of trash, and a peek at the old Dean and Deluca.  Those were the days….

And last but certainly not least, we have Jim Stratton‘s “Homage a Anonymous Blocks: A Cinematic Ballet in Three Movements.”  Using still photography and video, Stratton creates an homage to the streets of SoHo ca. 1971/2.  Enjoy!

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9 Responses to “The Sunny Side of SoHo”

  1. jrhardin2014 Says:


    Love these videos! That’s a nasty flu. I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Yukie Ohta Says:


  3. Carol Goodden Says:

    Jim Stratton’s “Ballet” homage to SoHo. Brilliant editing. To think, that is where I **lived**. The water towers at the end, the way Stratton danced amongst them, made me think of Trisha Brown’s Roof Dance, when I danced it. How is it that Richard Nonas gets to be in **everything**?

  4. Says:

    Dear Yukie, Sometimes I think I am just living in the past as I go through all my 60s and even 70s documents.You make it a pleasure with your welcome nostalgia. Meanwhile, I saved some things for you, an ArtRite mag and a list of Democrats living here in the late 70s as well as a 90’s portrait of neighborhood activitists. I guess. I have to send them regular mail, so send me your address and I will do so, that is, if you want the. Also, Jim Stratton did a video with Vivaldi music and SoHo buildings. I loved it, and wish it would be online. dk

  5. cstratto Says:

    Reblogged this on Muse Blues and News Too(s) and commented:
    The third video was shot and edited by my own, very talented father. The little boys in it are my older brothers. It’s wonderful to live abroad, but sometimes I can feel homesick, and it’s a breath of fresh air to see some images from the place where I grew up.

  6. nancywriter Says:

    Please, dear old friends: Can anyone help me put my hands on the SWN issues that ran my short short stories? I need them for a collection. Am happy to copy & return anyone’s precious copies. Thanks! Nancy Weber (

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