Frieze Frame: FOOD 1971

FNY_CATAt this year’s Frieze Art Fair New York on Randall’s Island from May 10-13, there will be a FOOD pavilion—not food as in food court, but a “re-enactment” of FOOD Restaurant in SoHo!

Every day a different artist will cook.  This is the program (11 a.m. to 7 p.m.):

Matthew Day Jackson (Thursday) May 9
Carol Goodden (Friday) May 10
Jonathan Horowitz (Saturday) May 11
Tina Girouard (Sunday) May 12

Some of you will remember Carol Goodden, co-founder of FOOD with Gordon Matta-Clark in October 1971, who will be present at Frieze to prepare some of her famous delicious, hearty soups.  Born in London, during WW II, Goodden was all too familiar with the personal project of how to stay warm in houses without central heating.  Besides steeping in a hot bath, there was the method of internal warming – via hot tea, porridge, or soup.  Soups offer fabulous nutrition and stick with you better than tea or porridge.  But mainly the conception of any soup can excite a good cook’s imagination.  They can be used as “paintings” to decorate the table with a colorful carrot soup, or dark greens with whites – aromatic.  They can be beefy, grainy, thin, gingery, heavy for winter, cool and crisp for the summers, even fruity.

Carol Goodden Suzie Harris in the kitchen of FOOD (photo: Carol Goodden)

Carol Goodden and Suzie Harris in the kitchen of FOOD (photo: Carol Goodden)

Goodden’s FOOD was based on two choices of soups and a big hunk of freshly-baked bread.  The menu changed daily running the gamut of American, French, Spanish, Mexican, Asian, Greek and Portuguese soups that Carol had learned in living abroad, traveling and sharing cuisines.  Two of her soups (Carrot Soup Español and Cauliflower Cress Soup) have been chosen to be prepared at Frieze.  Be sure to catch her there on Friday, May 10!

There will be professional chefs on hand to help prepare the recipes by these artist cooks.  Chef Mike Rosenberg has been the personal chef to the Carnegie family, where he catered JFK Jr.’s wedding, owned his own restaurant and brings over 40 years of experience to the Zapata. With a focus on locally grown, Mike prepares family-style meals using the ranches own grass-fed bison and beef and locally grown San Luis Valley produce.
Here is the link for location, directions, etc.:

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13 Responses to “Frieze Frame: FOOD 1971”

  1. Carol Goodden Says:

    The Frieze Fair is going to be terrific – many galleries with the best artists will be represented. It is a Fair not to be missed.

  2. wendy Says:

    Wish I could be there. I remember the old FOOD fondly. It’s the first place I tasted an African peanut soup!

  3. Zoe Barracano Says:

    Oh my! Is there a cookbook for the recipes? I actually just want to know what else was in the Brie and smoked mozzerella sandwiches and I don’t think I’ll be in town for this. If you know, let me know. Thanks, Zoë

    • Yukie Ohta Says:

      That would be fantastic if there were a cookbook. I also will be out of town and am very sad to miss it! Could someone pick up a set of literature from the exhibition for me? It would be great to have in the archives. And take photos, please! I can post it here for those who can’t make it over in person.

      • Carol Goodden Says:

        It is helping me to remember what we served at FOOD, these posts. And stimulating me to think about producing a cookbook. One was started years ago but never got off the ground. I will try to find JoAnne Akalaitis, who started one, and see if we can put it together. Meanwhile, all who can remember anything that they ate at FOOD that was memorable, please post.

  4. Monica Says:

    I worked there in ’75, after you sold it, when Henny was one of the owners. I remember there were always 3 giant pots of fabulously delicious soup, we would make these big sandwiches, hand cut the bread, homemade chicken salad, tuna, hummos, sprouts, watercress, etc. Robert DeNiro’s father was a regular then. Everyone who worked there was either an artist, musician, dancer – cooking, serving, preparing. Now I see where this all started. Would love to see a cookbook.

  5. Averyl Says:

    I worked at “Food” the summer of 1987 and loved it. I worked behind the counter and met so many great people. The food was wonderful, too.

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